Reaching Exponential Happiness, for all.

A new book, in English and Spanish, that explores the seeds and interconnections to exponential happiness and wellbeing. How can we bridge scarcity and abundance, belonging and loneliness, rich and poor, fulfilled and unfulfilled individuals and societies? The solution to this conundrum resides deep inside each individual through both our dynamic and fluctuating conditions. As […]

Find your wellbeing with practical solutions

It is time for hope. There are hundreds of ways to take care of your health and the wellbeing of your community. From a New York Times bestselling author, to the Stanford CCARE Director, we are covering all about the BIG NEXT in psychological health, wellbeing, and tech.   The #TTCOVID Summit is THE place to be to […]

Unlocking the Power of Belonging

When we unlock the power of belonging, we reach the ultimate form of freedom – freedom from having to change to be accepted and being appreciated and respected for being just who we are. Just by looking around yourself, it’s impossible not to notice the importance of social interactions and belonging to human society. From […]

Unfolding the Power of Sharing

Sharing is a true symbol of human willingness to help each other and enjoy a sense of belonging and social inclusion. All across the world, a new wave of peer-to-peer, collaborative consumption is shaking up established business categories. Whether by borrowing goods, apartment or house renting, crowdfunding, or providing micro-skills in exchange for products or […]

The Free Will in our Purpose

The will and personal change are the basis of our individual freedom, and if we are to achieve it, we have to radically break away from imposed patterns and programming we have been subjected to during our upbringing. For centuries, the age-old conundrum of whether we have free will has been a controversial topic for […]

Fundamental Peace

The centuries-old saying “as within so without” explains this perfectly – it’s a universal truth of law that the outside world is a reflection of our inner world, and if we feel trapped, physically, mentally, or spiritually, we are unhappy, and therefore we are not at peace. Fundamental peace is a peace that occurs in an […]