The future of Work

World Happiness Week

March 18th , 2021

Day one

Workplace Well-Being

One third of our lives are spent working. Work is therefore, very much at the core of human happiness. The success of an organization is dependent on employee well-being so day 1 of The World Happiness Week aims to educate business leaders on best practices, policies and programs that companies can implement to help their employees manage create their thoughts, emotions, and energy, and gain self-awareness, positive working environments for all, a key driver for success.

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The beginning of six days to co-create the future of happiness


March 18th, 2021

9:00 am – 17:30 pm EST

Welcome to the Future of Happiness @ Work

People spend approximately 90,000 hours at work. A third of his life! Their work and workplace environment impact their happiness.

Learn from the Best Practices from around the world

The success of business is linked to their employees' well-being. Overworked, stressed, or ill workers cannot give it their best, causing a drop in organization performance.

New Leadership Paradigms

On Day 1 of World Happiness Week, we will teach business leaders how to create positive work environments. They will discuss the best programs, policies, and practices for the greatest chance of success.

From Chief Happiness Officers to Practitioners

Chief Mindfulness Officers help their employees manage their thoughts, emotions and gain self-awareness. Digital distractions needs to be controlled, they kill creativity and productivity.

See what, why and how they do

It is one reason why influential companies such as IBM, Google, Deloitte, and others have appointed Chief Happiness and Chief Mindfulness Officers in their organizations.

A Friendly Base: Your Community

Learn how to build extraordinary relationships! Cultivate a sense of belonging within your workplace, family and community, this will unlock your full potential.


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