The Future of Education

World Happiness Week

March 20th , 2021

Day three

Educating on Purpose

Positive education means developing a curriculum that incorporates positive psychology principles. It entails helping youth discover their purpose, develop their character strengths and social, emotional skills. This day aims to educate participants on positive education principles and explain why they are important for children – our future leaders. We hope that parents, educators and individuals interested in the well-being of our youth will walk away with a new perspective on the possibilities for education.

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Join us in breaking the education mold.


March 20th, 2021

9:00 am – 2:30 pm EST

The biggest challenge in today education

All the parents want their children to live out their dreams and reach their potential. The biggest challenge for these is to find the right education model.

Positive education. How it works?

Positive education combines traditional principles with research-backed that increase happiness and well-being to flourishing a positive mental health within the school community.

The Emergence of New Education Paradigms

The downfalls of education systems is that they are uniform. Instead of forcing every young person into the same mold, we should turn to a curriculum that includes positive psychology principles.

We should educate for a purpose, not for a mark

On Day 3 you will hear about education that helps young people find their purpose, develop their social and emotional skills Today’s children are our future leaders.

Know more for a positive future

With our speakers, educators, parents, Agora Hosts, and other participants you will gain a new perspective on education.

Co-creating the Future of Education

Join your tribe! The largest community of educators realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness.


Join us. Share your super-power.

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