March 18-23, 2021

Join us online for free from around the world for 6 days of Happiness

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Our Digital Summit is the largest and most accessible happiness and well-being event on the planet! In 2020 we had over 160,000 virtual attendees. This year, with 100+ speakers on our main stage, 120+ workshops in three languages, live-streaming in from 80+ cities worldwide and an experiential vendor expo, we invite you to be a part of our digital movement, designed to make this world a happier place.

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Digital Summit Daily Themes

Day 1: Mental & Physical Health

Some of the major challenges facing humanity are related to mental and physical health. Depression, anxiety and loneliness rates have been increasing annually but with revolutionary tech innovations, there is hope for a healthier future. Day 1 of The World Happiness Week is devoted to equipping individuals and health professionals alike with the most up-to-date information and tools related to healthcare, so that we can all flourish.

Day 2: Public Policy & Economy

The goal of this day is to unite government leaders from around the world in a discussion surrounding global issues as well as challenges faced by individual countries. By sharing perspectives, policies, successful solutions, best practices and future goals we aim to collectively create new paradigms for human progress, based on happiness and well-being, that support the United Nations resolutions.

Day 3: TransFormative Technology

Technology is evolving at exponential rates. From AI to robotics, biotechnology and more, these innovations provide very real potential for conscious evolution and human flourishing. In order to embrace these technologies in a way that supports a happier and healthier future we must understand what these technologies are, and how we can best utilize them. On this day we connect participants with experts, researchers, developers and engineers working on the latest and greatest transformative technologies.

Day 4: Workplace Well-Being

1/3rd of our lives are spent working. Work is therefore, very much at the core of human happiness. The success of an organization is dependent on employee well-being so day 4 of The World Happiness Week aims to educate business leaders on best practices, policies and programs. companies can implement to create positive working environments.

Day 5: Social Impact

The focus here is on helping people to understand the plethora of ways in which they can make a positive impact in the world. Doing good, can be easy! Whether that is individually or through one’s organization this day will help participants align their values with their actions and contributions.

Day 6: Positive Education

Positive education means developing curriculum that incorporates positive psychology principles. It entails helping youth discover their purpose, develop their character strengths and social, emotional skills. This day aims to educate participants on positive education principles and explains why they are important for children - our future leaders. We hope that parents, educators and individuals interested in the Well-Being of our youth will walk away with a new perspective on the possibilities for education.

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Dr. SamMdu Chetri

Executive Director of the Gross National Happiness Center in Bhutan

John F. Helliwell

Canadian economist and editor of the World Happiness Report and Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)

Shekhar saxena

Professor of Global Mental Health at Harvard University

Mavis Tsai

Clinical psychologist, research scientist and author of the Center for the Science of Social Connection at the University of Washington

Mohit Muhkerjee

Founding Director of the Center for Executive Education at the University of Peace

Javier Garcia Campayo

Javier is a psychiatrist at the Miguel Served University hospital and an accredited Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Zaragoza

This FREE event will welcome 60+ workshops live streamed from 50 cities around the world, keynote speakers, experiential activities and boundless opportunities to make meaningful connections.

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